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Be sure to use this link to visit the College Board web site.

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It is a great resource for you as you prepare for the PSAT and college planning in general. They even have an app for SAT questions of the day!



Free eBook for Juniors from ACT. Click on the link below to take adavantage of this free eBook and ask yourself the 5 Questions Students Must Ask While College and Career Planning.

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EverFi AlcoholEdu for High School Studentseverfi

During April, I will be incorporating this curriculum into the Senior Prep classes. This course takes a public health approach to preventing alcohol abuse and uses evidence-based prevention methods of instructions.

Recently, I have learned that the entire Montana University System, along with 450 colleges and universities across the country, currently uses the AlcoholEdu for College course and requires all incoming freshmen to complete the modules.

Click here to link to the EverFi website for more information.

In addition, there is a complementary AlcoholEdu for High School Parents, which is a 20-minute online course that uses videos and interactive exercises about this topic.

Click here to link to the Parent Course.

If you have any questions about this course or material, please contact me.

Mrs. Smith